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My name is Luis Sanchez, a Master Technician and owner of LS Upstate Cleaning. This is a family owned and operated company. At LS Upstate, we believe it is the tech that makes the difference between a good job and an excellent job. We can train the competency, but we only hire technicians that are passionate and caring about their work. We specialize in maintenance programs for your carpets, rugs, upholstery, tile & grout, vct, marble, car detailing or concrete

Wanting to start a small business that I could pass down to my family. In 2015, I began a carpet and upholstery business with a franchised low moisture cleaning method. However, I saw a need to expand services and offer both low moisture cleaning as well as truck mounted steam cleaning, allowing entrance into car detailing, tile & grout maintenance services. 


Although one of the main reasons was to go through several franchises in this industry, I realized many injustices and a lot of dishonesty when it came to giving a price, many companies are only there wanting to become millionaires overnight and if that means lying, they will do it at the cost of being able to have an immediate benefit

Thus, LS Upstate Cleaning was officially formed in 2017 and we began to turn our focus to the residential marketplace. Today, our primary customer is the residential, but we also service a few commercial accounts as well.


Clean Homes


Happy Clients

Professional Staffers


Years in Business


All products involved are completely safe for pets and kids

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